Le Parlement de musique Strasbourg. Martin Gester

Le Parlement de musique Strasbourg. 
Martin Gester - direction
Céline Ricci,
Adriana Fernández,
Martin Oro,
Vincenzo Di Donato,
Bruno Rostand

Alessandro Scarlatti believed La Giuditta to be the 'best' of his oratorios. Focussing on one of the great heroines of antiquity - Judith, liberator of her people - here is a two-act drama of commanding musical and theatrical tension, eloquent in its humanity.

Created at Ambronay's 2004 Festival.

What the press says :

« The songers stand out due the warmth and naturalness of their sound. All the voices are here more beautiful (...) ».
Olivier Rouvière, Diapason, October 2006.

Released on the 16th of January 2006

Price : 20€

Awards :

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