Katarina Livljanic

Dialogos - Katarina Livljanic
Marie Barenton, Clara Coutouly, Katarina Livljanic, Aurore Tillac, voix

Intense, delicate, surprising, yet so close to our world. Poetic and musical treasures from thousand years ago enlighten the road Abbo Abbas, musician and man of letter, walked. Katarina Livljanic and the singers of Dialogos imagine these sumptuous polyphonies like sacred illuminations. The medieval twinning between Fleury sur Loire and Winchester Cathedral rekindled. Pure Art.

What the press says :

"There are pieces from the preciousWinchester Troper and other Englishand French sources. What marks outthis recording is the improvisationalquality the four female voices bringto elaborating, reconstructing andsometimes frankly inventingthe material."
Nicholas Kenyon, The Guardian, 19 April 2009.

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Released on the 
26th of April 2009

Price : 20 €

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